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We are thrilled to announce and introduce a new pedal to our Vemuram lineup!

A collaboration pedal with Michael Landau called the “Butter Machine”.

The official release date will be October 1st 2023.

The “Butter Machine” was developed in collaboration with Michael Landau to create his ideal distortion pedal. Having Michael use the prototypes at his sessions and on tour, we were able to hear his direct feedback and aim straight for his ideal driven tone. In addition, new ideas were implemented, and various improvements were made by testing the prototypes at his recording sessions and at his home studio in Los Angeles as well. As a result, we were able to create a “new type" of distortion pedal that is user-friendly and wide in range. It allows you to control your picking nuance and dynamics, and the drive goes from overdrive to full-on distortion effortlessly. Please enjoy the "Butter Machine”.

*Many LA musicians and guitar player use the term “Butter” as a slang to express the buttery pleasant driven sound/tone.
By Michael Landau

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