Alembic Series 1 1976

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1976 Alembic Series I Bass Birdseye Maple... Great Price!

If you want to get into the vintage Alembic world, and not break the bank, here is your chance...
This bass has a number of things going for it... and, quite frankly, a number of things going against it.
On the positive side...
* It has a rare, birdseye maple top and back.* The back of the headstock has many layers of wood.* It plays pretty quick, with what feels like tighter spacing at the bridge and 1.75" nut width.* It is in overall pretty good cosmetic condition for being nearly half-a-century old.
On the downside...
* ALL OF THE ALEMBIC ELECTRONICS ARE GONE.  Okay, the glued-in hum-canceling pickup is still there.  No Alembic preamp, not Alembic anything, for the electronics.* The holes from the Alembic Series electronics were filled.  It is a decent job, but the color match isn't perfect and you can certainly see where the old knobs, switches, and jacks went.* The bass had been converted to fretless at one time, and has been converted back.  So some of the inlays got sanded down a bit and are incomplete.* Due to this, when the bridge is adjusted to its lowest point, the action is NOT crazy low.  It's about right for most.  But with the stock bridge setup, you can't lower the action to crazy low levels.  If you are a two-handed tapper with a light touch, the stock setup might not work for you.* The pickup cavities have been routed wider to fit soapbox pickups.* At one time the bass had a pickguard.  The holes have been filled, but the color is not quite a match, so you can still see where the pickguard holes are.
So it has a number of issues.  But you won't find an Alembic Series I bass at a better price!
Again, if you want to get into the vintage Alembic world and not break the bank, this is your best option.

Includes hand-made gig bag. (it's serviceable at best)

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