DanDrive Austin Blender Black Relic

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DanDrive's take on the classic Prescription Electronics C.O.B.

The Austin Blender is DanDrive's take on the famous Prescription Electronics C.O.B. (Clean Octave Blend).

The original COB was used by iconic players such as Doyle Bramhall II, Johnny Lang and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

The COB is an octave-up fuzz that lets you independently control each effect to taste via octave and blend knobs.

On the Austin Blender, 3 knobs (Level, Blend and Gain / Octave) help you shape the tone.

At lower settings on the Blend control, the pedal acts as a juicy, clean boost.

Raising the Gain / Octave knob enhances the upper octave: adding intensity!

For the Austin Blender, DanDrive sourced exact components used in the original COB.

All the wonderful tones that made the 1990s C.O.B. so sought after are there!

DanDrive Austin Blender Fuzz Features:

• Octave Up Silicon Fuzz.

• Based on the 1990s Prescription Electronics C.O.B.

• Level, Blend and Gain / Octave knobs.

• Top Jacks.

• Power: 9V DC.

• Current Draw: Less than 100mA.

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