Extreme custom Ibanez JEM Variax w/custom paint

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Extreme custom Ibanez JEM Variax w/custom paint

It’s not often we’re speechless with guitars… As many of the world’s finest guitars have passed through our hands.  But there is something about this one that is just amazing…

The custom paint job just just gorgeous, and almost mesmerizing.  The body actually has a number of dings — it has been played.  But you don’t really notice them with the paint job.

It has a Variax install, that we believe is an older Variax, but have learned that the firmware has been updated to the newest possible version.

The pickups are unknown DiMarzios.  The middle pickup is a dummy pickup.  The neck is an Ibanez Prestige neck.

It is a damn fine guitar, and a head turner for sure.  Our only niggle is that the guitar volume and the Variax volume are different levels, with the Variax being quieter.  Maybe you are smarter than us and can go into the Variax software and turn up the “master volume” on the Variax.  We don’t have the software or connector box.  

If you ever wanted an JEM Variax… or the coolest looking one of a kind custom painted Ibanez JEM…. This instrument is for you.

We are not positive this is an actual Ibanez body but we think it is. 

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