Fender 1960 Telecaster "players grade"

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1960 Fender Telecaster

The neck dates to 7-60 and body 4-59. The body was sanded for an arm contour in the 70s and some damage was done to the back when installing the string ferrules from previous owner. 

Weight is 6lbs 13oz


- Body Refin (Mario Martin Refin)

- Refret (Angel Guitars, vintage tall frets) 

- Body arm contour sanding done in the 70s 

- Neck overspray in the late 70s (has been cleaned and feels smooth to play now) 

- Neck Heal sanded down edges in the 70s

*Original Parts:





Output Jack

3 Way Switch

Tone Pot


Neck Plate

Switch Tip

Strap Buttons

*Replaced Parts:


Pickups (Ron Ellis 50B and JL)

Volume Pot

String Ferrules

3 cut String Tree (Joe Glaser) 

Some Clay Dots


Pick guard

Neck Screws

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