Historic Makeovers Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Darkback !

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Historic Makeovers Gibson Les Paul Goldtop
WELL over $7k invested.

Gibson Les Paul sent to Kim LaFluer and the boys for their “Standard” Historic Makeover package.

Was built by HM as the worlds greatest Bonamassa Signature Les Paul
Loaded with the Highly regarded Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa Signature Pickups. These are incredible '59 pups!  Signed by Joe and Seymour!

This Goldtop is just killer.  Comes with 3 sets of "clothes" (parts).
- Get the blacked out "Joe Bonamassa" look.

-  It also comes with Retrospec Aged Poker Chip, Throbak "Aged" Bone covers and a MojoAxe pick  guard for a more standard 1957 Look.

-  OR pull off the Duane Allman look by pulling the guard and the poker chip. It's three guitars in one!

Currently dressed in the '57 setup.  All the black parts are in the case.  

In addition to the $2,000 “Standard” Historic Makeover package, thisguitar has over $1,200 in upgrades not found on a standard Gibson:

• Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Bonamassa Signature pickup
• Bonamassa Gold strap
• Black Plastics Package
• Aged Grover Tuners
• Reissue switch tip
• Authentic ‘aged’ Amber knobs
• Vintage Taper Kit
• Bonamassa Truss Rod Cover
• 5 ply pick guard
• ABR-1 No Wire Bridge
• Gibson Custom brown case
• Schaller Strap Locks

Comes in original brown lifton case.

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