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The Korona, based on our very successful Titan Guitars KR1 is an upscale, unique, versatile F flavored guitar with a range of options that isn’t available in any other format. Featuring a bound Swamp Ash body, Roasted Maple neck with bound 25.5” scale Wenge fretboard and a host of pickup options. Featuring a full T style bridge for full twang, or a half T bridge for more flexible bridge pickup options.

Why did we call it Korona? Besides being a play on the KR1 it’s based on and having a familiar feel from our favorite classic from the city of Corona, CA we wanted to introduce something of beauty and hope during this time of shut down and uncertainty. We donated the first 15 Korona’s for direct donations to causes we believe in ranging from social justice issues to food banks and disaster relief. We’ve raised over 30k dollars (just during pre-ordering) for these causes and hope to continue to use our new Korona model to bring positive change when and where we can.

We are excited to also have Thermo treated Pine (aka Roasted Pine) as a body wood option. This is Doug Kauer’s personal favorite. Swamp Ash has that classic, bright, mid scooped, tight tone. Pine will be much more mid and bottom heavy with a softer (but still clear) highs.

Standard Specs:

  • Swamp Ash body or Thermo Pine with top binding, belly cut and gloss finish

  • Roasted Maple 25.5” scale neck, medium C profile,

  • Bound Wenge fretboard, 1.65” nut width, 12” radius, 22 plek’d and dressed med/jumbo frets

  • Three bridge options: Full T style w/ brass compensated saddles, TV Jones T style and half T bridge w/ brass compensated saddles

  • Emerson Custom Pots, Dunlop Straplock ready buttons, pickups from Wolfetone

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