Rarest Gustavsson ever! Doubleneck shred machine! ALL Proceeds to Jason Becker

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Rarest Gustavsson ever! Doubleneck shred machine! ALL Proceeds to Jason Becker

Johann Gustavsson is legendary for his Bluesmasters which can sell for $10,000+ each.  And this one is the rarest of them all... a double neck!
With a fretless neck and a seven-string neck, this guitar is built to have no limits.
The (unconfirmed) rumor is that Gustavsson said that building this doubleneck was harder than building two Bluesmasters, and that he would never build another doubleneck. So in one sense it could be the rarest, most unique Gustavsson ever built!
Separately, 100% of the sale of this guitar will go to Jason Becker's care (outside of fees we can't get around).
Think of this more like making a big donation to Jason Becker, where you receive something incredibly cool for your kindness.
Jason knows us, we have raised money for him in the past with guitar sales, including this one: https://reverb.com/item/3506555-jason-becker-perpetual-burn-guitar-hurricane-ltd-for-charity

Now... back to the Gustavssson shred machine..

For the background, guitar heroes David Fiuczynski and Matte Henderson teamed up with Johann Gustavsson to design this incredible instrument back in 2003.
It was originally designed with a 12-string fretless neck and a 7-string fretted neck.  
The 7-string neck has a few features that are Matte Henderson design trademarks... The 7th string is actually a hard tail, it does not "dive" when whammied. And the neck itself is a bit asymmetrical and extremely comfortable and shredable.
The fretless neck was used as a 6-string by Fiuczynski, and he modified the neck pickup to be a humbucker. The next owner changed that pickup to a Sustaniac, which allows infinite sustain on the fretless neck.
The fretless neck could easily be converted back to 12-string, if desired. (Heck if fretless was too much for you, you could have it fretted and play "Hotel California" or "Wanted Dead or Alive" on it to your heart's content... It's your guitar.)
The second owner "put the guitar on a diet" swapping to lighter parts and genuinely shaving a lot of weight off the guitar. For example... the trem block and claw are custom milled out of aluminum for this guitar by KGC, saving over a half pound from stock, the 12-string fretless neck now only has six extremely lightweight Gotoh Stealth tuners likely saving nearly a pound over stock, the 7-string neck is switched to lighter non-locking aluminum Sperzels (except the locking high-E), etc. etc.
Make no mistake, the guitar is still a beast, but it has lost a lot of weight since it was born in 2003. Also, make no mistake, this is not an, all-original, closet classic.
It has been shredded on... This thing toured hard with Fiuczynski, and was "ridden hard and put away wet" in the heavy duty road case that it comes in. It has been modified from birth to meet the needs of the shredders that have owned it. It has a lot of honest wear, and mods to make it shred even harder!
Now it's your turn to own it!  The current owner has agreed to donate it to raise money for Jason Becker.
Again, the goal, of course, is to get as much money to Jason as possible. We will ask Reverb.com to send the money directly to Jason instead of to us. We will also ask Reverb to waive or reduce their fees in the spirit of helping Jason Becker.
We will start this guitar out at a price $16,250... and steadily lower the price over time until the guitar is sold...
Once again, we urge you to think of this more like a donation to Jason, where you get something really cool for your kindness, as opposed to buying a guitar.
It is a one-of-a-kind Gustavsson... likely the rarest ever... And it is available for you now. Buying it really means you are doing a great thing with your money too. So please make an offer on it.    

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