Sabbadius Oct-UP Octave Fuzz

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Analog distortion pedal octave up and fuzz. What does this mean? Beginning on the 7th fret the sound is one octave higher than the true note. Turn the guitar's tone control to a low position and the notes are one octave higher and really stand out. It is recommended that this pedal be placed behind a fuzz, distortion or overdrive pedal for greater force and a better octave; it is also recommended that this be tried in reverse, that is, the distortion, fuzz, overdrive, etc, pedals be placed in front of the oct-up fuzz. With the Drive selector in position 7, the fuzz can be heard with just a little bit of octave, and it keeps on increasing until it is pure fuzz. This is a Roger Mayer Octavia type of pedal that has been used by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Joe Satriani and Steve Vay among others.

Features: 100% True Bypass mechanical footswitch

Power: 9VDC battery or 9 volt NEGATIVE center power supply 100mA.

Dimensions: Length: 120 mm Width: 80 mm Height: 35 mm

Approximate weight: 375 grams

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