Todd Sharp JOAT 30 RT Head w/ 2X12 Cab (used)

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JOAT 30RT = Jack of all Tone, 30 Watts, Reverb/Tremolo. + matching Todd Sharp 2x12 Cab

as new in original packaging!

                    Tubes: 3xEL84, 3x12AX7, 1x6AU6, 1x5AR4

       Output: 2xEL84 and 2x6V6   

Sharp’s latest model offers 30 watts of output using four power tubes (2x EL84 and 2x 6V6) in blended pairs. Sharp notes, “The JOAT 30RT model is the next step up in power - expanding on our highly successful 20RT design. I created it for the player who wants a little more kick and headroom that comes with the extra wattage. The JOAT 30 offers two optimized pairs of 6V6’s and EL84’s, each with its own output transformer which are then blended together at the speaker output. This technique keeps the pristine chime and clarity of the EL84 while mixing in the classic warm friendly magic of the 6V6. Otherwise, this is basically the same circuit as the 20RT. I am very happy with the overall design of the 20RT and feel that this option with its increased power will appeal to a new audience of clientele."

From aesthetics to chassis layout; The JOAT series offers a truly original approach to vacuum tube guitar amplification.  For starters, there is no tone stack which also means there is no loss that comes with a conventional tone stack. The JOAT approach is to tailor the first stage gain and response characteristic via the “ATTITUDE” rotary selector along with the simple but effective “BITE” switch.

It's all tone - but you can take some away if you like: 
From there we tailor the low frequency content via the “LOW CUT” rotary selector. Instead of a conventional treble pot, the “HIGH CUT” rotary selector employs a unique and effective local AC feedback network directly across the output tube plates, offering six levels of  high frequency compression/filtering.

The REVERB is unlike any other. Two tanks are employed, driven by a power pentode for massive headroom, carefully buffered at both ends so as not to load the dry signal at all. The sound of this verb is more akin to a plate than a spring with DRIVE, TONE, LEVEL and  PULL BRIGHT controls. TREMOLO goes from swamp to full stutter with ultra stable wide ranging SPEED and DEPTH controls.

REAR PANEL: IEC AC Mains Connector, Mains & High Voltage Fuses, Foot Switch Jack, Reverb Tank Connections, 4-8-16 ohm Output Load Selector, Main & Extra Speaker Jacks, Amplifier Phase (top panel).

The JOAT is built on a roomy custom machined powder coated heavy duty aluminum chassis. Components: mil spec rotary selectors and pots, aircraft grade isolation mounts for the first stage 6AU6 pentode and for the dual Reverb tank design, custom spec transformers by Magnetic Components, Inc. and Mercury Magnetics. The chassis is fully hand wired with 19 str Teflon wire and stainless steel hardware is used throughout. With a painstaking process of selecting each component for optimum performance – the JOAT series amplifier delivers from Fingerboard to Baffleboard.

Includes: Reverb/Tremolo footswitch, hospital grade IEC AC Cable, custom fit padded canvas cover. 

    • Midnight Blue 
    • 2x12 Cab loaded with Celestion Greenback and a G12H 30 70th anniversary.

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