Rare, Holy Grail 1913 Larson Dyer Style 8 Harp Guitar

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Holy Grail: 1913 Larson Dyer Style 8 Harp Guitar


Scott Chinery said his Dyer Style 8 was the best sounding guitar in his entire collection...

That is saying something... considering that Chinery probably had the greatest guitar collection ever assembled.

The guitar is not for the timid... It's large in your hands, and it's large in sound, gushing with harmonic overtones. It feels like built-in reverb.

A ton of description is not needed... If you are here, and you are interested, then you know what this is.

You know these NEVER come up for sale. Here is your chance.

For some specifics...

Legendary luthier Kathy Wingert doesn't normally take on repair projects -- but she does make harp guitars, and she jumped at the opportunity to have a guitar of this caliber pass through her shop. So Kathy brought this guitar up to the standard it belongs.

The top is not flat between the bridge and the fingerboard, to say the least. But it is completely stable thanks to Kathy's work inside.

Keep in mind, this is, after all, a over-100-year-old guitar -- and a thunderous one at that...

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