Bad Cat Black Cat Handwired Series 2-Channel 20-Watt Guitar Amp Head

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The lineage of the Black Cat goes all the way back to the original boutique amplifier designed and handcrafted in southern California. Now, Bad Cat has gone back to the drawing board to capture the magic of the original design, while utilizing modern engineering and manufacturing advancements to expand its capabilities to match your most demanding playing. The Black Cat feels effortless and instinctive. As if it knows where you want to go and takes you there before you ever think to ask.

Black Cat features two unique channels of clean and overdrive with bias-modulated tremolo, studio quality reverb and a buffered effects loop.


20 Watts - 2 x EL84 Cathode-biased

2 Channels - Clean and Overdrive

Channel-dedicated VOLUME and MASTER Controls

Global TREBLE, BASS, and CUT Controls

Bias-modulated Tremolo with INTENSITY and SPEED Controls

Studio Quality Reverb

Buffered Effects Loop

1 x 12” Celestion V30 “Bad Cat Custom” Speaker (Combo only)

Two Button Footswitch and Slip Cover Included

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