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In typical Beetronics fashion, the all-new Seabee Harmochorus is an incredibly versatile pedal that pushes the boundaries of modern effects. While it can cover virtually any chorus or vibrato effect one could ever want, it also features an entirely new pitch-shifting chorus that's a complete game-changer for adventurous players. If you've been searching for a chorus pedal that can do anything you want and more, you need to check out this incredible stompbox.

The Seabee Harmochorus is an analog BBD multi-chorus with six unique modes, giving it a massive amount of sonic versatility. The first three modes (ROTO, DEPTH, and STING) allow users to create nearly any chorus effect imaginable. ROTO lets players ramp between two speeds like a Leslie rotary speaker, DEPTH can be used to ramp the intensity of the chorus, and STING is used to ramp the delay time of the chorus. These modes cover all the bases - they go to both extremes of speed, depth, and feedback, allowing players to capture any chorus sound under the sun.

The other three modes (DUAL, ARP, and MAD) are used for a brand-new effect called "Harmochorus." This effect digitally controls the delay time of the chorus, modulating its pitch. DUAL mode varies the pitch at two different rates, while ARP creates an arpeggiating chorus effect. MAD gives players access to thousands of randomized patterns for their pitch-shifted chorus, and as its name suggests, it's great for building wild, chaotic textures.

The Seabee Harmochorus comes complete with 16 onboard presets, two options for stereo output, four different input level options, full MIDI control, and expression pedal compatibility for expressive ramping. Simply put, this pedal is like nothing else out there. Please reach out if you've been searching for a premium chorus pedal with a jaw-dropping amount of sounds at its disposal.

-16 onboard presets
-2 options for stereo output
-4 different Input level options
-Full MIDI control
-Expression Pedal and external tap compatible

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