Benson special run STONK BOX cast iron!

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from the benson amps team :::

The Cast Iron Stonk Box is a collaboration between KGR Harmony in Oshu Japan and Knobhead PDX. We’ve known about Keijiro’s cast iron pedals for a while… He has a fantastic pedal line that utilize hand forged iron enclosures (in a foundry that also creates traditional cast iron tetsubin teapots… We recommend looking up the history of these…it is fascinating).

Keijiro visited us a couple years ago and we floated the idea of doing a run of a Benson Pedals using cast iron…he instantly said yes!

We instantly reached out to Paige and Knobhead PDX to create some cool custom knobs for the project…we were going for something elemental that would offset the cold brutality of the iron with some warmth and light…we settled on a clear amber-ish resin which we feel achieves the effect we wanted nicely.

For design sake, the Cast Iron Stonk does not have any marked controls or inputs/outputs, but we are including our Stonk Box manual for reference.

It is heavier than a normal Stonk Box, but we hope the unique aesthetics of this pedal will appeal to MK1 fuzz fans.

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