Buzz Feiten Supernova Futura Super

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Buzz Feiten Super Trem

The Futura Super Trem features a unique 3

pickup configuration with a noise-free

DiMarzio DP-421, a Tele style bridge pickup,

and 2 noise-free DiMarzio Strat type pickups in

the middle/neck positions, the DP-409 and DP.

420. The pickup outputs are perfectly

matched. The Super Trem uses a single

spring mounted thru a 7/8" hole which

extends from the endpin to the string block

cavity, and compresses the spring instead of

stretching it like the traditional method. It's

attached to the string block with a very

precise hinge and feels like an old Bigsby,

but sounds much better and returns in

tune! Each part of the Super Trem assembly

is hand machined from aircraft grade

aluminum, which makes the whole

assembly incredibly lightweight. Spring

tension is adjusted via stainless steel hex

head cap screw, which doubles as a strap

button. The Super Trem is everything I always

wanted a Strat to be and more!


25 5/16" scale length. Standard model features a Rosewood fingerboard, unless otherwise

requested. Maple is also available. Neck shape is standard medium "C", unless otherwise specified

(.880"- .960") Radius is 12" (non-compound). Nut width is 1.7". Frets are Nickel 6100. (.100"x.055").

Trussrod is double action, headstock adjustable.

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