Caroline Guitar Company Hawaiian Pizza Fuzz

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Capturing the essence of the world's most expensive, collectible, and unavailable amplifiers, the HAWAIIAN PIZZA™ is the sonic equivalent of a forbidden delicacy. Mere buzzwords do not do it justice. Its very essence captures the most crystal of lettuce, the most unobtanium of discontinued exotic zest of magic diodes, the newest old stock tubes of artisanal sous vide blockchain components, organic GMO-free discrete integrated circuits, simultaneously wild, free range, and humanely farmed, wired point-topoint on holistically mindful, mil-spec bespoke circuit boards. Its bypass is not merely "true" – it is unflinchingly candid. Worthy of all the years you spent on a waiting list, it is nothing but three knobs and the truth* It is the Komodo dragon of mariguanas, the apex predator of the planet of the vapes. Gluten-free? It is so committed to the idea of gluten freedom that it liberates pedals on the other side of the pedalboard from their glutens.

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