Catalinbread Giygas Fuzz EQ

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Catalinbread means business! The Giygas is an all-powerful fuzz tool with enough options to enhance any tone across literally every genre and band configuration. The three-transistor fuzz circuit is harmonically rich, with serious amp-pummeling potential and tons of creamy sustain when cranked. This feeds a JFET-equipped clean blend circuit that can get 100% dry or wet with zero harmonic distortion. After the blending, the signal feeds two cascading EQ stages—the first being a 10dB mids boost or cut at 900Hz, and the second being a tilt-style EQ that simultaneously boosts and cuts frequencies above and below 900Hz up to 10dB. Bass players can flip an internal switch that recenters both Mids and EQ to 250Hz—we <3 rhythm sections! The Giygas can replace a whole board’s worth of dirt boxes, leaving more room for, well, more pedals!

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