Ceriatone Centura Professional Overdrive Gold w/ Horsie Klon

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******In STOCK*******

We are the Number 1 Dealer in the World on Ceriatone Centuras!
GOLD with Horsie!!

this is THE Klon Klone to have. Exact enclosure.
Sounds as close to a Klon as you can get! (some say better)
Brand new!
Built by Nik @ Ceriatone.

Nik's current wait list is over 2,000 people long (6+ months). 

These are Gold finish (polished) with Horsie.

ships USPS priority mail

We are an authorized Ceriatone Dealer. These are FULLY built by Nik and his team, these are not kits.

I also have the ULTRA RARE BLACK and Matte Silver Centuras in my other listings. As well as Gold without Horsie, and the RAW finished ones too!

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