Chase Tone '68 Velvet Fuzz

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This is the exact original CHASE TONE 1968 Red Velvet Fuzz circuit and sound.

Why? Because it’s still the best and most favored 1968 BC183C Fuzz everyone asks us for.

FUZZ control (full range),

MIDS control (actually be heard in a mix and boost output),

FEEL control (adjust from dying battery velcro fuzz to germanium softness and tube overdrive),

BASS control (humbuckers! resolve wah compatibility!! & buffers before fuzz!!!),


PERFECT TEMPERATURE STABILITY every time, every gig, every session!!!


The inherent design of the original 1960s Dual Shunt Series Feedback Pair (aka 1968 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face and your VCR if you still have one) is preserved yet brought into the future with versatility and upgrades.


This IS the ’68 Red Velvet FUZZ EXACTLY. No alterations. No part substitutions. No brand component differences.

Vintage-Spec, New Production, Low Noise Carbon Film Resistors in 50+ year Aged ‘fine-tuned’ values.

Vintage-Spec, New Production, High Quality Axial Electrolytic Capacitors

Vintage-Spec, New Production Metalized Polyester Capacitor (like a vintage tropical fish capacitor.)

Hardware Includes: Hand-wired Jacks and Switches for Ultra Reliability On-The-Road

Future Retro RED Impact Resistant LED BEZEL with Wide Viewing Angle.

‘Velvet RED’ Powder Coat Finish (Zero Ozone Emissions and Ultra-Durable) with Vintage-Inspired DURABLE PRINT.

High quality 1970s style aluminum enclosure: 4” Long x 2.4” Wide x 1.5” High. Fits in the palm of your hand!

REAR MOUNT JACKS = FIT ON VIRTUALLY ANY PEDAL BOARD! High Quality Switchcraft Jacks Hand wired for Ultimate On-The-Road. (JACKS ARE NICKEL-PLATED)

High Quality, EPOXY Reinforced 3PDT wired for TRUE BYPASS (SWITCH IS NICKEL-PLATED). NO or low POP.

TOP HAT ALL METAL Black Retro Control Knobs!


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