Chase Tone Fuzz Fella BC109C

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“Think of the most majestic, wettest, glassiest sounding, sustaining woman tone overdrive with a wide-open yet gnarly midrange and an irresistible treble overdrive snarl compression that adds that magic pop to chords and leads as they blend in an harmonious fashion inspiring pure creativity.”

Peter Green’s Albatross’ harmonically rich cleans. Clapton’s overdriven woman tone blues. Allman Brothers glass slide or fretted melodic harmonies. Gilmour’s style of soaring overdrive-fuzz all while you are on a deserted island paradise.

This started out as a tribute to the 70s, and later 80s & 90s Dallas BC109C Fuzz Face pedals. Then some Cesar Diaz 80s/90s magic vintage custom tweaks to increase glassy guitar volume cleanup [I’ve never seen it before elsewhere but ironically did similar mods myself 20 yrs ago], and then added the CHASE TONE versatility and expanded controls so you can fine-tune your own magic!

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