Chase Tone Fuzz Fella BC183C

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CHASE TONE® FUZZ FELLA® RED BC183C EditionThis is for those who may have sold or missed out on our highly prized ’68 Red Velvet FUZZ! We brought this back specifically for players worldwide who were missing out! This is very different than the FUZZ FELLA BLUE BC108C. This has the cranked Gibson into Tweed tone. Grab one before they are all gone!

“Gorgeous… ‘hear the wrap wire on the strings!? [That Pedal Show]’ cleans… to melting power tube sweet even-order beautiful destruction fuzz tones. ‘Wow!!!!! Mannnn!!!!! That is… killer! [That Pedal Show]’ All by simply turning the guitar volume knob.” [That Pedal Show video demos below]
As seen on (formerly known as 1968 Red Velvet Fuzz)

This is the exact original CHASE TONE 1968 Red Velvet Fuzz circuit and sound. Why? Because it’s still the best and most favored 1968 BC183C Fuzz everyone asks us for.

  • FUZZ control (full range)
  • MIDS control (actually be heard in a mix and boost output),
  • FEEL control (adjust from dying battery velcro fuzz to germanium softness and tube overdrive),
  • BASS control (humbuckers! resolve wah compatibility!! & buffers before fuzz!!!),
  • STANDARD POLARITY (or battery),
  • PERFECT TEMPERATURE STABILITY every time, every gig, every session!!!

The inherent design of the original 1960s Dual Shunt Series Feedback Pair (aka 1968 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face and your VCR if you still have one) is preserved yet brought into the future with versatility and upgrades.

This IS the ’68 Red Velvet FUZZ EXACTLY. No alterations. No part substitutions. No brand component differences. The only change is cosmetic. Brown circuit board instead of green and the enclosure has a neat new look!

All perfect 5 Star Reviews from Reverb on the Chase Tone ’68 Red Velvet Fuzz

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