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A rare sonic element with alternate refinement – meet the new Unobtanium RAW edition!

The main composition has stayed the same as the standard version of the pedal: A recreation of the K-style overdrive true to the last detail finds its place at the right section of the pedal while the left section features two D-style amplifier voicings, the most unobtainable tube amplifiers in the world.

For the RAW edition we have added a couple of magic ingredients to the clipping section of the K side: a set of hand selected New Old Stock Mullard/Valvo labelled OC45 germanium transistors from the 60s.

This is the first This is the first K-type circuit to feature germanium transistors!

We have tried many germanium transistor types and found that the OC45 transistors added a supernatural feel with organic compression for increased gain and sustain. Fear not - the standard sounds are still there in the stock setting where you listen to germanium diodes clipping like in the original unit.

The amp-in-a-box side of the RAW version is glassier and punchier than the standard version. Think of singing blues rock and classic rock sounds that cut through the mix, flawlessly performing with all kinds of different guitars/ pickups combinations. Think of having the rock/jazz toggle switch set in the rock setting.

As with the standard version, Unobtanium Raw features a passive effects loop to give you the option to connect your beloved pedals between your booster/overdrive and amp in a box or use the two sections as separate and independent effects when using an external bypass switcher/looper.

Note that all pedals inserted in the passive effects loop are still in the signal chain when any or both sections of are in bypass mode.

Unobtanium Raw features a power-up bypass/engage pre-set function for the footswitches. That way you can select which state your pedal will go to when you plug the power supply. This function comes in especially handy to people that use remote pedal switchers/loopers as they only set the state of the pedal once and then operate from the controller.



Standard version: MOD setting = silicon diodes added in combination with the stock germanium diodes in the clipping section for higher output/less compression.

Raw version: OC45 setting = New Old Stock Mullard/Valvo OC45

germanium transistors used instead of stock germanium diodes for

clipping resulting in higher gain and sustain/compression.


Standard version: Smoother jazz/blues oriented tones.

Raw version: Glassier blues rock oriented tones.


  • gain: Controls the amount of drive. From transparent clean to high headroom thick overdrive as you turn clockwise.
  • treble: Controls the amount of high end frequencies, brighter as you turn clockwise.
  • volume: Controls he output volume. Features enormous amounts of output volume making it ideal to also be used as a preamp/booster.
  • stock: The original mythical drive circuit produced by the fabled germanium diodes.
  • OC45: Higher gain tones produced by New Old Stock Germanium transistors in the clipping section.
  • bypass toggle switch: Select between the original BUFFER bypass, adding clarity to your signal chain and running long cables
  • without affecting tone, or TRUE bypass via a high quality relay.
  • AMP (2)
  • gain: Controls the amount of compression/drive. From clean boost to raw singing overdrive.
  • emphasis: Adds gain and adjusts presence and bottom end response before the signal is overdriven. Brighter, tighter and enhanced
  • pick attack as you turn clockwise.
  • tone: Controls the amount of post-overdrive high end frequencies, brighter as you turn clockwise.
  • volume: Controls the output volume. Features enormous amounts of output volume making it ideal to also be used as a preamp/booster.
  • voicing toggle switch or external XT footswitch (3): Select between different amp voicings.
  • ODS: Raw singing overdrive with enhanced mid frequencies and blooming harmonic overtones.
  • SSS: “Clean” drive with natural organic compression.
  • Internal trimmers:
  • ODS BOOST trim: Add up to extra 6db of output gain / volume boost with a similar effect of pushing the power tubes harder. Only
  • affects ODS voicing.
  • SSS LOW trim: Adjust low end response of SSS voicing.

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