Cream T Pickups Bernie Buckers Bernie Marsden 59 PAF Sig Set

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Introducing the ’Super Scanner’ series from Cream T Pickups. Our premium pickup sets are 100% exacting electronic reproductions from the guitars of acclaimed players around the world.

Our second release reproduces the sound of Bernie Marsden's famous ’59 ‘Burst, known around the world as “The Beast”.

Utilising our patented analog spectrum recorder, developed exclusively here at Cream T Pickups, it is possible to recreate 100% mirror-imaging of legendary pickups across the board. We offer our line of pickups with accurate historical response in our ’Super Scanner’ series, delivering the power and performance of guitar sounds of acclaimed performers, studio session players and stage celebrities known everywhere. The admiration shared by us here at Cream T and the many fans of the stars and their rich, warm recognisable guitars, drew us to develop and offer the new ’Super Scanner’ series.  

From pure and simple warmth to the punch of vintage rawness, the range in the ’Super Scanner’ series is sure to satisfy.

  • Boxed in bespoke Bernie Marsden numbered packaging
  • Comes with a certificate of authentication

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