Cuntz Rare Mike Dawes style 24-fret 7-string Cuntz w Tonewood amp

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Rare Mike Dawes style 24-fret 7-string Cuntz w Tonewood amp

Here we have an exceptionally rare 7-string Cuntz guitar…

The original owner was clearly going for Mike Dawes vibes… as it comes with a Tonewood amp and a DiMarzio Angel pickup.  So you just need to add a scrap piece of spruce for a Dawes scratch pad…. And a lot of practice…. And then you’re Dawes!

Amazing instrument.  Alpine spruce top.  AMAZING flamed Koa back and sides.  As high end as Cuntz makes.  25.6 scale, very low action for Mike Dawes-like playing.  The neck profile is more typical acoustic sized than an electric shredder.

We don’t know what a custom 7-string design would cost from Cuntz today…  With a totally original shape and the highest possible components, including the incredible flame koa.  $12,000?  $15,000?

You can get it for less, because this guitar has a fascinating backstory…

It actually started its life as a custom Cuntz 8-string, with incredibly narrow string spacing.  The original owner sold it, realizing that he had made a mistake and that it was nearly unplayable.  Then luthier Kerry Char expertly converted into a completely normal spaced 7-string acoustic.

Kerry made a new bridge (in the exact style of Kuntz’s bridge) and a new bridge plate.  He made a new Koa headstock veneer, and a thin mahogany veneer on the back of the headstock to hide the other tuner hole.  He changed the nut to a 7-string.  And the conversion was complete….

It turned out amazing.  Nobody would know it was ever something different.  You would not know if we didn’t share it.  But it is the truth with this instrument.

Again, here is a custom 7-string Dawes style acoustic.  It comes with the Dawes-type toys — a DiMarzio Angel and a Tonewood amp.

You can buy it now, far cheaper than ordering a custom.  And you don’t have to wait a year for your custom to be built.

Chances are great you will never see a guitar like this again.  Act now if you’re interested..

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