Cusack Music Screamer Fuzz V3

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This pedal includes all of the great tone of the Screamer Fuzz V2 with the addition of a low-pass tone control that many of our customers were asking for.  With the fuzz all the way down, it’s like a screamer with the tone at noon. With the screamer all the way down, it’s a gnarly fuzz pedal. You can get a really cool combination of sounds by mixing various amounts of each. This is a very versatile pedal! Whether you are looking to add a little fuzz edge to your overdrive, or an overdrive foundation to your fuzz, this pedal may be just the ticket to the tone you've been searching for!

“Hey, what’s that toggle for?“ Well, that’s the Clip Selector, which allows you to select either silicon (Si), schottky (SBD), or asymmetrical LED clipping on the Screamer half of the pedal. 

-Level sets the output volume.
-Drive adjusts the gain of the Screamer overdrive section.
-Fuzz adjusts the amount of fuzz. 
-Tone is a simple and effective low-pass filter. Start with the knob at maximum and roll back to tame high frequencies. 
-Clip toggle switch. Silicon (Si), schottky (SBD), or asymmetrical LED. 

-Standard center negative 9V DC supply, or 9V battery (not included)
-Current draw: ~6mA

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