DanDrive Austin Pride

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AUSTIN PRIDE - fuzz face style

The Austin Pride is inspiered by the famous TEXAS SQUARE FACE with a few more tricks.
The controls are two more to alter the tone of this fuzz. We added a clean-up knob wich is lowering the input signal. This is graet to cut the bass responds if using a guitar with more output (maybe a humbucker).
Our AUSTIN PRIDE has a bias knob to change the sound in the way you like it.
THE BIGGEST clou is to have both, 2x germanium and 2x silicon transistors ! ALSO, you can mix them (check the bias if mixing them).

No worries about the germanium side in a hot club or in the summer time. Our CV military specs transistors are alwyas stable, even it is hot.

- KNOBS: level, fuzz, bias, clean-up (lowers the input signal)
- 9v battery use (not incl.)
- 9v DC power supply, center negative (not incl.)
- 125B enclosure (size differs sometimes about 1-2mm, depending on the manufacturer) - IN and OUT jacks on top

- 9v DC jack on top
- jewel amp light
- true bypass
- 2x germanium CV military specs transistors - temperature stable germanium transistors !!!! - 2x silicon transistors

- 2x mini toggle to mix the transistors or playing only the germanium or silicon side

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