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A simplified version of the classic Bonk Machine.

Introducing the One Knob Bonk, the result of a new collaboration between DanDrive and Joey Landreth!

The One Knob Bonk serves up a simplified take on their now classic Bonk Machine circuit.

The Bonk Machine pays homage to the Zonk Machine, a design that holds a special place in the hearts of players.

From soft, sax-like textures to wild, sputtery tones, the Bonk captures the essence of the Zonk while adding Joey and Dan’s unique spin.

Designed with gigging musicians in mind, the Bonk Machine features 3 temperature-stable germanium transistors.

Its compact size and top-mounted jacks also save valuable space on your pedalboard.

Step into Joey Landreth's world with the Bonk Machine!

DanDrive One Knob Bonk Machine Fuzz features:

• The result of a new collaboration between DanDrive and Joey Landreth.

• Limited to 100 units.

• Zonk-inspired fuzz pedal.

• Volume knob and Midrange switch.

• Contains 3 temperature-stable germanium transistors.

• True Bypass.

• Power: 9V DC (100mA).

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