Echo Fix EF-P3 Chorus

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The Echo Fix EF-P3 Chorus Vibrato pedal is an analog BBD Chorus pedal with a rich and extended feature set. Designed to be the ultimate chorus pedal, each control has been extended in range for sonic flexibility. From subtle pitch glides to fast Leslie-style wobbles, the wide range of controls makes this pedal extremely versatile and creative.


Rate Control

Depth Control

Resonance Control

Wave Shape Control

LED Rate Indicator

LED Overload Indicator

Direct Mute Footswitch for Vibrato mode

Soft momentary switching for noiseless Bypass and Direct Mute switching
Increased internal power supply voltage rails for increased dynamic range

Technical Specifications:

Power - 9VDC Centre Negative

Current - 200mA minimum

Input Impedance - 1MΩ

Output Impedance - 1KΩ

Dimensions - 100mm x 130mm x 60mm (3.93" x 5.11" x 2.36")

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