Echo Fix Tape Echo EFX-2

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Drawing heavy inspiration from tape delay units of yesteryear, the EF-X2 by Echo Fix was engineered from the ground up to provide a classic sound with features and reliability demanded by modern standards. Three play heads can be enabled in up to seven different combinations, while an additional Sound on Sound head is optionally available on top of the standard delay heads for easy tape looping experimentation. Anyone with expression pedals or control voltage instruments can make use of the modulation inputs for the delay and feedback parameters, allowing the EF-X2 to become a responsive member of your studio.

Much like the Roland RE-201 Space Echo and the other effects units that inspired it, tape echo isn't the only thing in the EF-X2's bag of tricks. Two differently voiced FET preamps are available on its front panel inputs: vintage voiced on the instrument input and a cleaner, modern circuit on the line input. There's also a real spring reverb and a DSP section which can function as a second reverb or chorus, which can be easily blended in with the echo effects for deep, modulated textures. Want to run part of your mix through the preamp only? Disengage the motor with the convenient front panel switch to preserve the life of your tape.

Invest in the Echo Fix EF-X2, and find yourself with all the joys of owning a true tape delay without the maintenance drawbacks of a vintage unit.


  • Contemporary tape delay engineered to modern performance standards
  • Three playheads can be combined in up to 7 different ways
  • Additional Sound on Sound playhead can be enabled on top of the standard delay heads
  • Two-band EQ shapes Bass and Treble content
  • Volume and bypass controls for echo
  • FET preamps on both instrument and line inputs
  • Real spring reverb and DSP reverb and chorus
  • Rear panel balanced I/O
  • VU meter displays input level
  • CV and expression pedal inputs for feedback and delay time
  • Remove dry signal with Direct bypass switch
  • Motor switch stops tape mechanism and preserves tape-life when using only the preamps or reverb/chorus

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