Fish Circuits Lunatique Black LTD Black Edition

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The Fish Circuits LUNATIQUE is a gated fuzz with a mind of its own. It will give you a juiced-up classic fuzz tone, but if you’re in the mood for a healthy dose of madness, it will happily do that too.


  • Chaos lets you dial the character of the pedal, blending between 2 different circuits. Consider noon as the starting point, where the Lunatique is at its warmest and tamest. At its highest setting on the right side, chords don’t mean anything. The ring-moded, octave-up-ed, mid-heavy mess will take over and there is really no point in trying to fight it. However, exploring the left side of the control leads you toward a more familiar path, where you will find our take on a timeless fuzz circuit, with added brightness as you keep going counter-clockwise.
  • Body controls the amount of bass frequencies that run through the circuit. Its lower setting lets everything through and will give a rich full tone while the top position rolls off some low-end, tightening everything up.  Ideal for a busier mix, complex playing, or for stacking with your favourite overdrive.
  • Fuzz is the gain control. The bottom position will allow for a more tame and domesticated tone overall, depending on what you do with the Chaos control of course. At the top position, well, there’s no easy way to say this, but get ready to fight. Depending on your guitar/amp, it’ll start squealing at you, suddenly it may no longer be a gated fuzz, feedback could become part of your everyday life, and your neighbours might leave a passive-aggressive note on your front door. Use at your own risk.
  • Level is the main volume control, with enough output to get your amp cookin’. (figuratively, of course). Really, it’s a lot of volume, you’ve been warned.

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