Fodera Yin Yang Standard 4 (used)

Sale price$4,500.00


EXCELLENT condition Fodera Yin Yang Standard

SUPEr lightweight at 8lbs 5oz!!

Includes COA and Fodera Hardshell case

Superior playability, sonics, and build quality

Based on Victor Wooten's signature custom Fodera bass, the Yin Yang Standard Special takes the series to a new level of sonic supremacy. Premium tonewoods are used throughout, including an alder body, hard rock maple neck, and ebony fretboard. EMG active P/J pickups deliver prominent tone, with ample sound-shaping provided by the Fodera/Pope Standard 3-band EQ.

Hybrid pickup spacing for midrange punch and warmth

The Fodera Yin Yang Standard Special features a pickup spacing that is in between the '60s and '70s spacing, which your bridge pickup extra midrange presence with more warmth and body. They're perfect for finding your place in a dense mix.


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