Formula B Vintage Vibe Deluxe

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Vintage-Vibe Deluxe 

Our endless love for analog sound has led us to work on a legendary effect such as the "Vibe".
Used by tons of great guitar players since the late '60s, his particular chorus-vibrato sound can be heard in dozens of records, and has made history in albums such as The Dark Side Of The Moon.
Of course, our Vibe has a 100% analog circuit, and faithfully reproduces those tonal nuances. But we wanted to go further: we designed and built a custom made enclosure like the original from 60’s and pedalboard friendly

Dimensions are LxPxH mm 165x105x55 (like two boss pedals in series)
Volume Knob:
The pedal has a lot of volume in-fact the “flat” signal is when the volume knob is settled at noon.

CANCEL footswitch:
You can use it like a mid boost when press the “CANCEL” foot switch. This special feature turn off the inside Lamp so you can have the “sound” without modulation.

Chorus/Vibrato switch:
When this switch is set to Vibrato you don’t get phasing you get out of tune pitch-bend vibrato. While when is set on Chorus position you get the phasing sound. “The Fancy Phaser”

Intensity Knob:
controls the amount of effect (chorus and Vibrato) by increasing (clockwise) or decreasing (counter-clockwise). For faster speeds, increase the Intensity a bit.

Speed Knob:
(Unlabeled for aesthetic effect) we chose a knob like a fuse-holder. It controls the Rate of effects
When it is turned clockwise the speed is increase.

The pedal is true-bypass when you turn it ON The Red Light Comes ON


You may only use a 9 volt adapter STANDARD (2.1mm x 5.5mm sized connector ) configured Center Negative.

(Like BOSS tm)
IWarning! Do not use any voltage other than 9VDC. The Vintage Vibe pedal has a step-up circuit that converts the 9 volts up to 18 volts inside the pedal, using other than 9VDC will damage The Pedal.

Power Consumption 150mA

* we have an optional “expression pedal to change the speed of the effect while you are playing

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