Free The Tone Crunchy Chime Booster CC-1B

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Free The Tone has done it again with another amazing new pedal! Introducing the brand new Crunchy Chime Booster with bass and treble controls! Free The Tone did extensive research on vintage amps and guitars to really capture those rich harmonics you get with vintage gear. Run this into a clean amp for chimey overtones or pair it with your favorite overdrive pedal for that extra push on your lead tone. This boost offers a rich, warm, vintage feel that all guitar players love. The mode switch allows you to toggle between 2 different boost/cut frequency ranges of the bass control. Whether you are using a 6 string, 7 string, or even a bass, this switch will help you dial in the perfect boost.


Input impedance: min. 500kΩ
Output load impedance: min. 10kΩ
Controls: BOOST(-16dB~+17dB), TREBLE, BASS, MODE Switch
Terminals 2 x 1/4" standard phone jacks (input, output), DC9V input jack (for AC adapter connection)
Power supply: 9-volt PP3 battery, AC adapter
Current consumption: 7mA

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