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Civil War Big Fuzz

Recreation of the 1991 V7 Civil War, but tighter part standards and top grade components. Based off the Big M*ff Page V7 Civil War Second Edition schematic using Mylar and Ceramic Capacitors, Metal Film Resistors and NPN BC548B Transistors.

This model uses a mixture of Mylar and Ceramic Capacitors to help recreate the same tone and feel of the original Civil War.

From the site.

“Version 7 “CIVIL WAR” BIG MUFF PI – After several years of being out of production, around 1991 Electro-Harmonix returned to the market with the Russian made Sovtek Big M*ffs. The same pedal was branded as both the Big M*ff Pi and as the Red Army Overdrive, sold simultaneously. The circuit did not follow the schematic of any previous version, but rather was a reinvented set of component values, giving it a whole new twist on the tone.”

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