Gil Yaron Bone ‘59

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Killer super light Bone 59

At first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking the Bone is "simply" a Les Paul variant, but as with many things in life, looks can be deceiving. To be sure, the Bone has several things in common with a Les Paul and it can certainly cover that ground tonally - but - as mentioned, there's a bit more going on under the hood which shows itself when you sit down with it and plug in.

The building blocks of the Bone 59 are exactly what you'd expect from a highly regarded builder - old-growth/premium grade mahogany body and neck, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, premium/highly-figured reclaimed maple top, alnico 2 bridge pickup, alnico 3 neck pickup (both Yaron wound)...all the good stuff.

As with all great instruments, it's what the builder does with these materials that matters. There's a certain magic to this guitar that's hard to pin-point but there's no question that you feel, and hear, it when playing. There's an intoxicating mix of vintage and modern with regards to the overall feel, and, Gil's pickups sound fantastic. Clear, open, powerful...both with clean and overdriven tones...exactly what you want in a great set of humbuckers.

Condition: This guitar is about as mint as you could hope a used guitar to be.

Another heirloom-grade guitar from the master Gil Yaron. Unbelievable stuff - not to be missed! Priced with hardshell case.

  • Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard
  • Top-grade old-growth, lightweight Mahogany body/neck
  • Top-grade highly figured premium private stock reclaimed highly figured maple
  • Yaron Humbuckers 
  • SN 0 0088
  • 7lbs 9oz

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