Great Eastern FX XO

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Great Eastern FX is releasing an interest new pedal called the XO, check it out:

The XO is an active crossover that splits your signal into high and low frequency bands. You can then apply different effects to the high and low halves (one at a time or simultaneously) via two independent effects loops. You can also use the pedal to split the signal to feed two different amps, mix in signals from elsewhere and lots more.
Though it sounds complicated, the pedal is really intuitive to use and there's so much you can do with it, from simple things like restricting a reverb or trem to just the lows or highs, to big, complex sounds with delays and modulation running at different rates on each band. For guys who already have a lot of pedals, this will let them find lots of new sounds from the effects they already have. The biggest audience may actually be bass players, who will find this really useful when trying to use pedals designed for guitar. 

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