Ground Control Audio Noodles Tone Shaper

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The Noodles is built to give you instant tone flex without fiddling with faders forever. 64 different tone combinations - now, not in an hour. There’s bass, there’s mids and there’s treble. For each band, you get 3 different cherry-picked frequency sets that you can cycle with a button press. Each band can be enabled or disabled with your foot or any appendage you wish to use to press the switches, we don’t judge.

Here’s a rundown of all the modes:

Bass I: 40Hz
Bass II: 100Hz
Bass III:250Hz

Mids I: 250Hz - 500Hz
Mids II: 400Hz - 1KHz
Mids III: 1KHz - 1.8KHz

Treb I: 1.8KHz
Treb II: 3.2KHz
Treb III: 6KHz

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