Ibanez TS-9 TAMURA-MOD Tube Screamer

Color: Green
Sale price$269.00


Who better to mod a pedal than the engineer who invented it?

In the year 1979, Japanese electronics engineer Susumu Tamura unknowingly started a sonic revolution.

Seeking to create a circuit to compete with the Boss OD-1, Mr. Tamura inadvertently developed a pedal that would go on to become the most copied, cloned and modified guitar effect of all time.


  • New mod by Tube Screamer designer Susumu Tamura.
  • Midrange shifted to higher frequency range.
  • Accentuated pick attack.
  • Additional note clarity.
  • Slightly more clean signal.
  • "MagicIC for improved tone and clarity.
  • High qualitylow tolerance components.
  • Vishay 1N914 diodes for alternate drive signature.
  • Improved frequency response in bypass.

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