Intensive Care Audio Recovery Phase

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The RECOVERY PHASE is a dual modulation unit capable of bi-phase and phase shift/tremolo effects. It is primarily used in the treatment

of Bland Tone Syndrome and Excessive Aural Dryness.

Used regularly it can provide effective relief from these, and other music and instrumentation related conditions.

All Intensive Care Audio pedals are built in London, England, using high quality components and featuring soft

touch, relay based true bypass. There are two soft touch footswitches, the left is BYPASS and the right is TAP TEMPO

The RECOVERY PHASE features 8 controls, there are therefore a range of available remedies.

LFO 1:   An 8 position rotary switch allows you to select 1 of 8 available LFO waveforms. From left to right these are;

Random Slopes, Random Steps, Staircase, Sine, Step Down/Ramp Up, Square, Ramp Down, Ramp Up.  

This LFO is the primary LFO used in the phase shifting.

LFO 2: An 8 position rotary switch allows you to select 1 of 8 available LFO waveforms which control either secondary phase shifting or

a tremolo.

FREQ: Sets the frequency (speed) of LFO 1.

DEPTH: Sets the depth of LFO 1.

DEPTH 2: Sets the depth of LFO 2

FREQ 2: Sets the frequency (speed) of LFO 2.

TREM/PHASE SWITCH: LFO 2 controls either secondary phase circuit

tremolo circuit.

LFO 2/OFF SWITCH: When in ‘PHASE’ mode this switch either turns on

or off LFO 2. When in ‘TREM’ mode this switch selects between LFO 2

controlling tremolo only or tremolo and secondary phase shifting.

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