King Tone Guitar Heavy Hand v2

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The Heavy Hand is a powerful overdrive pedal that delivers thick, chewy drive tones with exceptional sustain. It offers a transparent, open sound stage without the usual mid-hump found in many overdrives. If green pedals aren’t your thing, this is an overdrive monster you’ll love.

New Features Include:

  • Exact Original Heavy Hand Circuit, Now with Added Features.
  • Soft FootSwitch
  • Amp-Like Mode – Produces a Cranked Amp Tone
  • KingTone Setting  Fattens The Tone And Adds Edge Bite For a  Unique Massive Tone
  • Distortion  Mode – Adds a Distortion Clipping Circuit, giving the Heavy Hand a tube’y, Marshall-esque style gain Stage
  • Symmetrical/Asymmetrical Gives the overall tone of the pedal a warm, characterful , Harmonic Rich Tone.
  • RGB LED – Set The LED To Any Color
  • Protected Knobs – No More Cables Or Feet Messing With The Settings But Still Easy To Adjust.
  • External Dip Switches For Easy Fine Adjustment
  • Custom Designed CNC 6061 Aluminum Case

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