Lo-Fi Mind Effects Hi! Hybrid Fuzz

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  • HI!This fuzz is originally designed based on a hybrid between the silicon Fuzzface and the Zonk Machine II to result in a powerfull fuzz that is a far cry of his parentsThe sound of Hi! depends largely on the pickups we are using in our guitar, althought we will certainly get good sound from any type of pickup. The sound is bright and distorted, with a good clean up when we use the volume control of our guitarThere are moments that will remind you of a Tone Bender, another more fuzzface even has touches of big muff to be woolly and powerfull so it is a fuzz that can fit in any type of sound.it has an unhealthy volume, be carefull when turning up the Loud Knob,  Please adjust this before you star playing as too high volume level you can put your health at risk, watch out for your ears!

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