MAS Effect The Expanse

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This harmonic tremolo gives you a huge range of tonal possibilities. It can be used as a standalone tremolo, optionally with with some layered on reverb, or you can dial in some complex textured delays and feedback to create dreamy soundscapes. And of course you have everything inbetween.

Expression jacksSeparate jacks let you simultaneously control WIDTH and either EXPANSE or VELOCITY with any expression pedal, including the Expanse-themed expression slider, or the regular MAS Effects Desktop Expression Pedal. WidthSweeping range of the tremolo (on bottom 2 OUTER SPACE settings) 
or Spacing between echoes (on upper OUTER SPACE setting) VELOCITYSpeed of tremolo sweep EXPANSEAmount of atmospheric ambience VASTNESS (Unlabeled upper-right knob)Amount of space added when pressing the VAST EXPANSE foot switch
(Interactive with EXPANSE. e.g. Higher EXPANSE settings make this more responsive. Experiment to get a feel for it) VOLUMEOverall effect level. Gives up to 2x boost to compensate for the perceived drop in volume from tremolo BLENDMixes dry and wet signals OUTER SPACESets the mode of the pedal:

  • DOWN: Harmonic tremolo only. EXPANSE is disabled
  • MID: Adds expansive reverb
  • UP: Adds echoing feedback

WARPSelects between different voices:

  • DOWN: Sensible and beautiful harmonic tremolo
  • MID: Slightly more severe, with different frequencies on the high and low pass filters, and more resonance
  • UP: The low frequency oscillator (LFO) not only pans between the filters, but also shifts their frequencies. The WIDTHknob has a much bigger impact on the sound than in other WARP settings as it also shifts the resonance

VAST EXPANSE (foot switch)Temporarily pushes the EXPANSE beyond EXPANSE its limits. Its added amount is controlled by VASTNESS BYPASS (foot switch)Tap to toggle between engaged and bypassed (true bypass). Hold to temporarily toggle, the release to switch back
Internal Trimmers

An internal trimmer sets the ceiling of the EXPANSE knob.
Another sets the LED brightness, which can reduce power consumption if needed.

Favorite Settings

Technical SpecificationsPower supply9V DC, 2.1mm center negative (not included). No internal battery clip. Power consumption70mA to 110mA depending on LED brightness, set with an internal trimmer. By default it's around 100mA and you can safely plug it into a 100mA port on a multi-port power supply. BypassTrue bypass, relay controlled with a soft-touch switch. Hold to temporarily engage/bypass. In / Out Jacks1/4" mono (TS) Expression Jacks1/4" stereo (TRS)

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