MAS Effects Sona Fuzz

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Controls FuzzSets the amount of gain, distortion, fuzz, sustain, or whatever you want to call it. Like with most fuzz pedals, it will interact with the volume knob of your guitar. e.g. roll back the guitar volume at low FUZZ levels to clean up the signal considerably. VolumeControls the overall output of the pedal. TonePans between cutting highs or lows. Body SwitchFattens or thins out the signal going into the pedal. Soft-touch Foot SwitchTap to switch between true bypass and engaged; Hold to temporarily bypass when engaged, or temporarily engage while bypassed.
Hold while connecting power to toggle whether the pedal will be engaged or bypassed whenever it's powered on.
Internal Controls FUZZ CeilingNeed MORE gain? This pedal has insane amounts of gain on tap, but a lot of people expect to be able to turn the knobs any which way (and all the way up) and have it sound great. This isn't unreasonable, but it's limiting. If you max out the gain, the pedal gets really noisy! So inside, on the lower right, is a blue and white trimmer that tames it. BiasCan be adjusted to give a gated, sputtery sound.
Technical Specificiations Jack placementTop-mounted Power supply9V DC, 2.1mm center negative (not included).
No internal battery clip. Power consumption19mA BypassRelay switched true bypass

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