Milkman Sound Pop Top Boost

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New Boost from Milkman Sound

Milkman Sound pioneers forward in the world of boost effects with this ultra-powerful Pop Top boost pedal. With its impressive internal headroom and subtle yet delightful tone coloration, this stompbox is more than capable of super-charging your signal with loads of boosted glory.

Although this Pop Top boost pedal only takes power from a common 9-volt center negative power supply, it converts it into 36-volts of internal headroom. This is a massive amount of headroom - more headroom than a tube has - and it gives this stompbox a surprising amount of versatility. Need a great sounding clean boost? Don't worry, this pedal has 30dB of boost on tap for you to use at a moment's notice. Looking for a unity gain buffer with a midrange focusing detail? The Pop Top works perfect for that. Even if you're just looking for a premium-quality line driver, this pedal performs admirably.

When creating this stompbox, Milkman Sound wanted to design a boost pedal that took the magic and creativity of classic American record production and put it into a pedal-sized package. Taking inspiration from '70s recording console microphone preamps, this pedal works great as a preamp by enhancing the subtle details of your playing. It also pumps out old-school charm through its 'unity gain' setting. With the control knob set to zero (unity), the Pop Top coats your signal in a very discrete yet delightful Op Amp coloration that brings your playing to life.

If you're seeking a boost pedal that'll enrich your signal with vintage glamour while offering more boost than you could ever dream of, then you need to check out this Pop Top boost pedal by Milkman Sound.

Pedal Type: Boost
Power Requirements: 9-Volt
Connectors: 1/4"



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