Morgan Amplification AC20 1X12 20 Watt Combo

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The allure of Class A shimmer

The element that ties together the guitar tones of the British invasion, Brad Paisley, The Edge, and Brian May is the iconic sound of cranked up Class A tube amplifiers, much like Morgan's AC20. These amplifiers are uniquely musical throughout their whole volume and gain range, which is why they're found delivering the shimmering cleans of legendary surf guitarist Hank Marvin and the grittier tones of roots rocker Jeff Tweedy. The AC20 couldn't be any easier to use. Simply plug in and enjoy Class A tube tone in all its glory.

Power scaling hits the sweet spot on any gig

Guitarists at Sweetwater know that the key to getting a great tone is being able to turn your tube amp up to nail its sweet spot. With the front-panel Power Level control on the AC20, you can do that and still keep the volume at a reasonable point. This feature's 100% variable control swings from a full 20 watts to a bedroom-friendly 0.25 watts, serving up high-headroom cleans and amp-at-the-edge tones for flexibility in any situation. That also means you get the ideal interaction between your guitar, pedals, the power amp, and the onboard 12-inch Celestion Creamback speaker.

Simple controls unleash a wide tonal range

You can tell that Morgan Amps products like the AC20 tube amp are made for hard-gigging guitarists just by looking at them. The simple control set conceals a surprisingly wide range of tones, but you'll never have to spend long turning numerous knobs to get the right sound. Aside from the power knob, the front also boasts straightforward controls for Volume and Cut. With those three knobs and bass and bright switches, it will only take seconds for you to dial up a truly inspiring sound, no matter what style you play.

Morgan AC20 1 x 12-inch Combo Amp Features:
  • 20-watt all-tube Class A combo amplifier
  • Variable power scaling goes from 20 watts to 0.25 watts
  • Warm and vintage-sounding Celestion Creamback 12-inch speaker
  • Simple cut, volume, bright, and bass controls
  • Cathode biased, EL84 Class A power section
  • Compact and convenient for travel

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