Peace Hill Fx ODS Preamp

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Has true bypass Footswitch option

*About ODS Tube Preamp*

〇This is a 2-channel tube preamplifier inspired by the boutique amps of the "Dumble" series. Its versatile clean

channel developed from modifications of Fender amps, and a drive channel rich in overtones generated purely by

tubes have been the backbone of some of the greatest performances by legendary guitarists throughout history.

○There are several specifications of the original, but this unit is designed based on the model without EQ on the

drive channel.

〇By placing it at the last stage of your effects chain and plugging it to the returns of various amplifiers, you can

get a more constant “tube sound” in any studio. In addition to the return connection, simply connecting it to the

input of a transistor amp also works musically.

〇Use it when you plug your guitar into the line input of your audio interface to get a more natural electric guitar

sound. For recording at home or practicing with headphones.


・GAIN: Adjusts the input gain to the Clean channel.

・Bright: Adds high frequency to the sound.

・Deep: Lowers the center of gravity of the sound and makes it sound “deeper”.

・Rock / Jazz: Changes the overall volume as well as the characteristics of the 3-band EQ.

・3-band EQ: This is a development of the Fender-type EQ, and the effect changes seamlessly with the

aforementioned GAIN and various mini-switches.The effect changes seamlessly with the aforementioned

GAIN and various mini-switches. Try different combinations.

・OD ch LEVEL: Determines the input volume (distortion depth) to the OD ch. The Clean ch GAIN setting also

affects the distortion depth.

・OD ch RATIO: Determines the volume of the OD ch. Adjust the volume difference from the Clean ch here.

・MASTER: This adjusts the overall volume. It does not affect the tone of the preamplifier itself, so you can

reproduce the sound you created at home in the studio as it is.

!CAUTIONS! ※Please make sure to read

●Use a 12V DC (center-negative, 500mA or more recommended) adapter or power supply. Some adapters

may generate noise. Use of a non-standard voltage supply that exceeds 12V DC (e.g., 18V DC, etc.) is

very dangerous as it may cause component damage or ignition. Any non-standard power input will

immediately cause the product to stop working. Please be very careful. If you are in doubt about the

adapter to use, please feel free to contact us at the contact information below.

●After use, be sure to unplug the DC jack or turn off the main power of the AC adapter or power

supply to avoid a state in which power is continuously supplied to the pedals. Continuous use for

long periods of time may cause the unit to malfunction or shorten the life of the vacuum tubes. You

can also turn off the power to the unit by unplugging the input jack.

●There are points inside the pedal where a high-voltage current of 300V or more can flow. Never open

the back cover while the power supply is connected. Even if the power is disconnected, touching the

electronic components immediately after use may release the electricity built up in the electrolytic

capacitors, resulting in a risk of electric shock. Replacement of vacuum tubes should be done at your

own risk, taking the above into consideration.

●This pedal is driven by a vacuum tube at high voltage, which releases heat from several components

during use. When using the pedal board, be careful not to completely block the heat dissipation holes

on the side of the pedal.

●The vacuum tubes are not fully warmed up for a few minutes after the power is turned on, and noise

may be heard in the sound.

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