Sabbadius 1989 Hybrid FUZZ

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Sabbadius' nod to the classic César Diaz Square Face!

Capturing the essence of one of the most revered blues guitarists, Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Sabbadius 1989 Hybrid Fuzz pays homage to the iconic César Diaz Square Face.

In 1988, SRV's quest to channel Jimi Hendrix's signature tones led him to the 1960s Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face.

Yet, the germanium transistors within proved temperamental under the heat of stage lights, prompting Stevie to seek innovation.

Enter César Diaz, SRV's trusted amp tech, who redefined the Fuzz Face's limitations, birthing the legendary Diaz Texas Square Face.

Notable for its pristine clean-up, this pedal became one of SRV's secret weapons!

Inspired by the earliest Square Face units, the 1989 Hybrid Fuzz uses a Low Gain Silicon transistor and a High Gain Germanium transistor. These allow enhanced reliability, additional gain, and the ability to conjure SRV-style glassy tones.

The 1989 Hybrid Fuzz also features Sabbadius’ unique Wah Wah Trick knob.

A versatile tool, this knob combats noise artifacts that often accompany fuzz-wah pairings.

If a wah isn't in your chain, this knob doubles as a fizziness reducer. This allows you to reach cleaner, glassier SRV-style tones with ease!

Sabbadius 1989 Hybrid Fuzz features:

• Inspired by SRV's classic Cesar Diaz Square Face.

• Blending Silicon and Germanium transistors for enhanced reliability and added gain.

• Knobs: Output, Fuzz, Wah Wah Trick.

• Internal Bias trimpot.

• True Bypass.

• Power: 9V DC Battery.

* Please note: Each 1989 Hybrid Fuzz is unique. The minimalist silver finish can show small marks and freckle-type bumps, this is normal and serves to give each pedal a worn-in, vintage-inspired look.

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