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SABBADIUS introduces the NEW Tiny-Vibe manufactured with the same components as its big brother, the Funky-Vibe, but in a smaller enclosure. It has the same PCB, same components and functionalities except the FOOT CONTROL jack was eliminated to save space. But, it has a SPEED knob at the right that allows you to adjust the SPEED with your foot.

Another thing the Tiny-Vibe doesn't have is the fuse socket and the inside transformer.

The size of the enclosure is smaller than the Funky-Vibe and helps reduce the price of the Tiny-Vibe. The 68 Tiny-Vibe has the same components and specifications as the old 68´s Honey Uni-Vibe and the 69 Tiny-Vibe version has the same components and specifications as the Shin-ei 1969 version. We use custom made photocells (LDR/CDS) to give the Sabbadius Tiny-Vibe the original Uni-Vibe kind of sound.

The transistors used are the Matsushita 2sC828 and 2sC539 for the pre-amp section like in the original Uni-Vibe. The pedal features 3 knobs, which adjust VOLUME, INTENSITY, and SPEED.

It also features 2 footswitches: one of them activates the True Bypass; the other switch is the CANCEL function which allows you to use the pedal as a pre-amp just like the original Uni-Vibe pre-amp sound. This function turns off the lamp bulb, keeping a high impedance in the photocells. This gives you a wonderful pre-amp tone and signal boost just like original Uni-Vibes did with the tact switch in the foot control pedal. It has a BLACK soft rocker switch that you set in either "CHORUS" or "VIBRATO" mode.

The SABBADIUS Tiny-Vibe doesn’t use batteries so this means it only works with a DC 18 Volt 200mA NEGATIVE CENTER PIN Power Supply. (You can use a DC 18Volt power Supply with 100Ma, but for best response use DC 18volt 200mA)

Differences between the 68 Tiny-Vibe vs. 69 Tiny-Vibe:

*The Sabbadius 68 Tiny-Vibe version:

Is the one that's started all, this version is like the early 1968 Uni-Vibe made by Honey UNICORD and is the most popular because it is the version that Jimi Hendrix supposedly used. It has faster speed than the 69 and the pulse throb is more intense at fast and slow speeds.

*The Sabbadius 69 Tiny-Vibe version:

Is the one made by the Shin-ei Company in Japan in 1969 when Honey UNICORD fell into bankruptcy. The Shin-ei company started making them but changed some of the inside components that made the sound slightly different when compared to the 1968 Uni-Vibe. This version was the one used by David Gilmour and Robin Trower in the 70s. The sound is more "round" and warmer than the 68 and because of that it has more chewy sound in CHORUS mode than the 68 version in my opinion.


* VOLUME: sets the output volume.

* SPEED: sets the effect's speed in either mode.

* INTENSITY: sets the effect's intensity or depth.

* CHORUS - VIBRATO Mode ROCKER SWITCH: sets whether CHORUS Mode or VIBRATO Mode is activated.

* CANCEL Footswitch: activates the lamp bulb to swirl the effect or turn off the lamp to use as a pre-amp like original Uni-Vibe's does.

* TRUE BYPASS: Premium quality 3PDT True Bypass footswitch to turn the effect ON/OFF.

* INSTRUMENT: 1/4-inch (6.5 mm) Input jack for instruments.

* OUTPUT: 1/4-inch (6.5 mm) Output jack for amplifiers or other effects.

* Can be powered only with a DC 18 Volt 200mA Power Supply with NEGATIVE CENTER PIN.

* U.S.A made VINTAGE Soft Rocker Switch.

* 5mm Custom Made Photocells exclusive for Sabbadius Electronics.


* ON/OFF Red LED for True Bypass Indicator.

* SPEED LED indicator.

* Black Chicken Head Knobs with Crest for 68 version and Creamy/White for the 69 version

* Chewy tone and strong INTENSITY for more 3D Underwater double pulse kind of sound.

* Original 1960s Japanese lamp bulb.

* 100% Hand Wired & Soldered.

* 100% analog circuit.

* Material: Aluminium enclosure.

* Size: Length 144mm x Width 110mm x Height 60mm (with knobs).

* Weight: 500grs. Aprox.

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