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A fuzz pedal with BC183 Silicon transistors. The Sabbadius ELECTRIC CHURCH BC183 Silicon Fuzz is a fuzz effect pedal inspired in one of the most influencial Fuzz pedals users ever, the one and ONLY JIMI HENDRIX, all know that Jimi Hendrix used Germanium and Silicon Fuzzes and he preffers the Silicon versión because are more stable than Germanium transistors in different weather situations. He preffer to use BC108 Silicon transistors but during this days this type of transistors are not the same as where used in the late of 60s, so I decide to go for another Silicon transistor called BC183 that has an extraordinary specs to make a Fuzz effect sound really good, not only that, it allows you to sound even better than Germanium Transistors. The Sabbadius ELECTRIC CHURCH BC183 Fuzz has some features that make this Fuzz pedal unique in the market at today, it has a Knob called “WAH WAH TRICK” that allows you to make this Fuzz a Wah Wah friendly, this means that you can be able to use this fuzz pedal with a wah wah without having that ugly NOISE that makes fuzz pedals when they are conected to a wah wah pedal and they will be not able to make your wah wah sound as should sound. You can place the Sabbadius ELECECTRIC CHURCH BC183 Fuzz before or after the wah wah pedal and use the WAH WAH TRICK knob to set the correct position to make that noise dissapear. Another thing to have in mind using the Sabbadius ELECTRIC CHURCH BC183 Fuzz is that if you don´t want to use a wah wah with the fuzz, you can use the WAH WAH TRICK as a “Fuzz cleaner” this means that you can clean up a Little the “fizziness” of the fuzz converting this into an Overdrive type of pedal, creating that glassy tones everybody want to get in a fuzz unit. You can roll the volume pot of your guitar down and clean up the fuzz effect like you are not using a fuzz pedal, so there´s a tiny difference between the clean sound of your guitar to the ELECTRIC CHURCH BC183 Fuzz WAH WAH TRICK knob all the way down. In the FUZZ Knob I have a CUSTOM MADE Potentiometer with a special curve to have the best control ever in a Fuzz pedal from 0 to 10 giving you the possibilities to use all the FUZZ Knob range potential. The Sabbadius BC183 Silicon Fuzz pedal has three controls named: Output, Fuzz and Wah Wah Trick. OUTPUT: The OUTPUTcontrol handles the volume of the fuzz (this pedal adds 20db more than the traditional analog fuzz pedals without making a mess of understandable sounds). FUZZ: The control knob called FUZZ is the amount of fuzz that is added to the sound, like a booster or wild fuzz, this control can also be manipulated by the volume Pot of the guitar. As I mentioned, the FUZZ pot is a Custom Made POT only for Sabbadius Electronics to get all the Fuzz Range possible in a Fuzz unit. WAH WAH TRICK: The control called WAH WAH TRICK is a knob that allows you to use a Wah Wah pedal effect with the fuzz. In several models of fuzz with the wah wah pedal cannot be used because it makes an ugly noise when the sweeping of the wah wah is used or the Wah Wah effect does not appear. With this control it is possible to switch the fuzz sound before or after the wah wah, thus producing an original sound of wah wah and fuzz. This feature can be turned on or off for control giving “fizziness” to the fuzz or to use it as a booster. It is an excellent pedal for Guitar, Bass guitar, single coil and Humbuckers pickups. FEATURES: 100% True Bypass mechanical footswitch Power: 9VDC battery or 9 volt NEGATIVE center power supply. Dimensions: Length: 120 mm Width: 80 mm Height: 35 mm Approximate weight: 400 grams.

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