Shin's Music BOG Fuzz (used)

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lightly used in original box, No Velcro! Includes manual. 


Fuzz focused on the overtones of Upper Harmonics

From December 31, 1969 to January 1, 1970, NewYork held a legendary New Year's Eve LIVE at Fillmore East in Manhattan. Performers are the B.O.G. Flower Movement and the Apollo Project, a pedal created to pursue the sound that is a symbol of the psychedelic era.

Fuzz focused on the overtones of Upper Harmonics.

Harmonics can be obtained even if ATK (Fuzz) is 0, so how to use it is up to the player.

If you raise ATK, you can easily get a powerful octave fuzz, a crazy sound.

It also has good followability to the volume of the guitar, and it is possible to control the fuzz sound while keeping the harmonic sound with the volume control at hand.399

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